Jeffrey Brian Liebowitz


Jeffrey Brian and the Ghost of Zack Havoc

What would it be like to lose your identical twin brother after spending more than 3 decades together? What kind of conversations might you still have with your other half in Heaven? Follow Jeffrey Brian a.k.a. Jeff Jesus from the world famous rock band, The Jesus Twins, on a year long journey from San Diego to Austin TX. See what happens when the connection between the physical plane and the heaven plane is just a whisper away.

Jeff’s nightly dream guidance suggests that death is nothing more than an illusion. As we come to find out, his deceased twin brother, Eric, a.k.a. Zack Havoc is still alive and causing quite a stir. Will Jeff finally be able to take the music of The Jesus Twins to the top of the charts? How did Eric’s book become a posthumous best seller? All these questions and more are about to be revealed as you begin the journey known as, Jeffrey Brian and the Ghost of Zack Havoc.